Praxis LIVE

Hybrid visual IDE for live creative coding

easily create projections, interactive spaces, custom VJ tools, sonic performance instruments, media for theatre;
use it as a live digital sketchbook, test out ideas, experiment with code


... imagine combining the best of Processing with the best of visual patchers like Isadora or Quartz Composer; imagine components defined like Processing sketches, so you're never constrained by what comes built-in; imagine forking components or creating new ones while your project is running ...

Real-time audio / video

Designed for live manipulation of audio & video. OpenGL graphics pipeline with accelerated video processing. Low-latency audio with optional JACK binding.

Intuitive graphical patching

Patcher-style editing for fast visual project building. Drag and drop components, draw in connections. Edit everything live - instant feedback without interrupting your creative flow.

Extend at runtime

Fork components on-the-fly, or create new ones from scratch, all without dropping a frame. Integrated editor for Java, Processing & GLSL. Export and share, or import from a growing library.

Custom controllers

Build control panels in the visual GUI editor - widgets automatically configure and sync themselves to properties. Map MIDI controllers or OSC addresses to any property.

Physical computing

Simple video components for analysing motion can be used to control other parameters. Use the TinkerForge bindings to access a range of sensors, or control motors, servos & other equipment.

Distributed by design

Built from the ground up for working with multiple media pipelines, using a distributed architecture. Option to run projects transparently across multiple processes or machines.


Praxis LIVE is free, cross-platform and open-source
Latest stable version : v4.0.0 (May 14 2018) - release notes | licence (GPLv3)
Legacy v3 release : v3.5.0 (Jan 24 2018) - information


For help and support on using Praxis LIVE please make use of the mailing list hosted at

For any other query, please email